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Hikmet Düzgün Plastic has been exporting to every area of the world from past to present with it's dynamic and experienced team.


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Thanks to our team specialized in the field, we offer quality products to our customers.


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About Us

Founded by Hikmet Duzgun, who stepped into the trade and manufacturing sector in 1975, and with its current experience, it has gained a place in the business world with its investments in the agricultural sector.

Hikmet Duzgun, who started trading with agricultural tools and agricultural sieves, started the plastic pipe sector in 2006 and took his place in the plastic pipe sector with his workplace in the 1st organized industrial zone.

Our company, which closely follows the developing technology, has renewed itself day by day and aimed to provide better service to its consumers. It puts on the market its products produced with high workmanship, adhering to the quality materials used in production and developing technology. 



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